Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maher-velous Bill!

Since I was recently ranting about the inanities of political correctness, I think my caricature of this guy would seem to fit in with my feelings on this topic:

I did this sketch last Sunday night while watching a repeat of "Larry King - Live" that had run earlier in the week. I personally find Larry a little tiresome most of the time, but I'll always tune in if the always interesting Bill Maher is the guest, as it also seems to bring out the best in Larry too. I just love Bill's candid, blunt responses on every issue. Besides that, I think it's great that he doesn't toe any party line and, while mostly liberal, he will also occasionally stand up for conservative types when he's impressed with their integrity. He's a big fan of Republican hopeful, Ron Paul, for example. I think Bill Maher is one of the most refreshingly honest guys I've ever heard, and it's because he really doesn't give a damn what people think of him or his opinions.

I used to watch Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" show pretty much every night back when it was on, and just loved the way he could gather such diverse guests from various fields and different points on the political spectrum. Sometimes you'd get surprising results from throwing all these seemingly unrelated personalities together. I particularly recall Florence Henderson bonding with Marilyn Manson, no less! Oftentimes a little known starlet might show that she was just as politically astute as the most seasoned veteran politician. And Bill Maher kept the whole thing lively with his provocative questions putting his guests on the spot. Unfortunately, we don't get HBO here in Canada unless one has a satellite dish, so I haven't seen his current show, "Real Time". But from watching clips on YouTube, it looks like it's as good as his former show used to be, though a little more formal in presentation. Here's a clip from this week's "Larry King - Live", the same show that I drew this caricature from:


Steve Hearn said...

Wonderful caricature Pete! USA politics bore me as they make out that what ever happens, the next president will become a Global leader... D'oH! I am so glad I am British!

Pete Emslie said...

True enough, Steve. Though the rest of the world has been deluged with ongoing news about the American election for the past couple years, there is really no reciprocal interest in our own political situations. For example, it is highly likely that we Canadians will be going to the polls within the next two months or so if a federal election is called soon, as expected it will be. However, I doubt very much that this election will get any play in the U.S. media at all, which I find quite unfair, especially as we are America's neighbour to the north.

I must admit, though, I quite enjoy following the American presidential race with all its melodrama. This one has been particularly interesting as it had quite the close horse race between Democratic hopefuls, Barack and Hillary, before Barack finally clinched it. Even now, the presidency could go either way between Barack Obama or John McCain, though I think if McCain wins it will be because there are still, tragically, some members of the American voting public who cannot bring themselves to vote for a black man. I'm not knocking those who genuinely prefer McCain and his policies, by the way, but I don't like the fact that a fair portion of Hillary Clinton supporters plan to switch their vote to him out of spite for Obama. That's just plain stupid.

Eric Noble said...

Breathtaking caricature. It truly captures Bill Maher's likeness. It is a sad thing that it's only the U.S. election that's getting all the media atention. I can understand Bill's disappointment in Barack Obama's sudden shift to the center. However, I think Joe Biden will help give Obama some credibility in the realm of politics. It would be like when Kennedy chose Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson gave Kennedy some political leverage. Great post.

Jett said...

Hey Pete,

Love checking in on your blog from time to time. Your Bill Maher is dead on.
Also have been enjoying reading/watching your foray into digital painting.

As per US elections... If Barack loses I don't think it'll be about racism so much as the Democrats putting up a candidate who doesn't seem to have much behind his "Hope Change" rhetoric. It wasn't racism that caused him to lose 9 of the last 14 primaries was it?

C'mon...the guy hasn't DONE anything except write *two* autobiographies (before the age of 50? C'mon) and get elected to the senate where he served for less than 150 days before deciding to run for President.

It's not racism that gives pause to vote for's the fact he hasn't DONE anything except RUN!

Now I'm getting into really political wonk territory but I'm convinced that the Obama campaign never expected to get this far. I suspect he decided to run, thinking it was going to be Hillary's year and he would be in prime position for a veep slot or at least positioned well by 2016 when he'd actually have some accomplishments under his belt.

Course...I'm not all that convinced Hillary had much of a record either ...

Okay... this is your blog and this comment is waaay too long. :) I'm glad you're doing well and as always I love reading what you're up to and seeing what you're working on.


-Jeanette Atwood

Pete Emslie said...

Hey Jett, nice to see you on here!

I honestly think racism still plays a part, though not a huge role in the fact that Obama and McCain are in pretty much a dead heat. It also bother me, though, that "Identity Politics" is so much a part of the U.S. voting system in recent history. The fact that the majority of female Democrats supported Hillary Clinton, while the majority of black Democrats supported Obama is still sad testament that people always seem to want to elect one of "their kind". And in the case of those Hillary supporters, they are so disgruntled over their candidate not snagging the nomination that a fair portion of them are threatening to vote for McCain, not because his policies more closely reflect their interests (They don't), but simply out of spite against Obama.

I agree with you to some extent about Obama's speeches about "Change" being little more than meaningless platitudes, but I believe what issues he has taken a stand on are enough to convince me that he's the better hope for America's future than John McCain is. By the way, I don't dislike McCain, as I think he's a very intelligent guy with integrity and the courage of his convictions. I've always admired him for not always adhering to the strict Republican Party line on many issues. I actually favoured him back in the 2000 presidential election, and I thought it a tragedy that the Republican establishment preferred the folksy but not too swift George Bush as their man, knowing that he'd make a better patsy that the neo-cons in the back room could use to achieve their goals.

But here in 2008, I think America needs to get out of the Iraq war as delicately as possible, as it's never going to result in anything approaching a western-style democracy, no matter how much they think it will. Better to sit down with the "enemy" and engage in diplomacy. You know, like Obama has been saying...

Thad said...
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Thad said...

Anyone voting for McCain this fall should be stripped of their civil rights. That's what I know, and what I think.

Jett said...

Thanks Thad for your well reasoned and fascinating insight into political discourse.

You stay classy dude.

Frank Macchia said...

Love this caricature pete.
haha i'm also glad to hear you're a fan of Bill Maher.
Seeing him express his opinion on anything usually gets me all excited. He's def one of the few people in western media that doesnt wash out his opinions before expressig them.
have you seen his documentary on world religion?...any thoughts on it?

I'll have to admit, being a pretty opinionated guy myself i was offended by a few things...religion a tricky topic for even him i think.
but still, he's really good at constructing any sort of an argument...hes intelligent enough that he can walk on that fine line between being blunt and being rude.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone voting for McCain this fall should be stripped of their civil rights, okay, babe?. That's what I know, and what I think, okay, babe."

I fixed this quote so it'd sound more like Bill Maher, okay babe? Remember to show your unwavering support for Israel, okay , babe?