Friday, September 5, 2008

Look - It's Me!

Back in the spring I joined the National Caricaturist's Network, or NCN for short. Since becoming a member I have been able to meet many very talented caricaturists online from all over the world. In their discussion forums there is one area they call "The Firing Squad". It is there that members are encouraged to upload photos of themselves so that everybody else can draw them. I drew a bunch of the artists who already had pictures up, but then they told me I should really post some photos too so they could get back at me. So I took a bunch of digital photos of my funny looking mug and put them up for the rascals.

There were quite a few good caricatures that were drawn of me from various angles, but I thought I'd post my favourite one here on my blog, as it really has captured not only my physical likeness, but my personality as well. This art was done by a young fellow in the Netherlands, named Thijs Wessels. Here is his great caricature that definitely bears a close resemblance to the guy who stares back at me from my bathroom mirror each morning. I'm thinking I might cut out a print of it and wear it as a mask on Hallowe'en to scare the kiddies:




adam de Vries said...

this is to funny,
cya soon,
your pal,

Mitchel Kennedy said...

HAHAHAHA!! Yup, that's it!

Adam Pockaj said...

That's awesome!

Alex. G said...

Great work! Looks terrific.

Unknown said...

that one is great! congrats on winning the contest too! hey i'm back in canada, we should do lunch sometime!!!

ramanjit said...

great work!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

wow thats totally you Pete!
reminds me of my days at sheridan college when you taught character design!
you were very inspirational for me back then-still are-thanks for all the encouragement!
going to follow this blog for sure :)