Saturday, January 29, 2022

Truckers For Freedom!

 Generally speaking, I had not intended to use this blog for political talk, but I'm finding that it's my only real outlet at the moment because I have been suspended for another 30 day stretch on Facebook, my 5th such 30 day suspension since last February. I think it's wrong for Facebook to silence users for expressing their conservative views, all the while allowing those on the left to have free rein despite many of them being far more incendiary in their speech than I would ever be.

At any rate, I've decided to make a few points about the trucker convoy that has made its way across Canada from BC to its destination earlier today in Canada's capitol city, Ottawa. The primary reason for this convoy is the recent vaccination mandate for all truckers to cross in and out of Canada and the US across our shared border. This is the latest directive from our tinpot dictator, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and there are many of us who support the truckers' decision to fight this inhumane directive that could result in many of them losing their jobs for not complying against their will. But it goes beyond that, as there are many of us, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, who see these vaccine mandates as government overreach, especially since these Covid mRNA vaccines have left many unfortunate recipients physically and neurologically injured, to the point of being permanently disabled and no longer able to enjoy a quality life or work at their livelihoods. And yes, some recipients of these vaccines have died as a result, yet no political leaders, medical "experts", or their lackeys in the mainstream media or social media want that important distinction to be heard, instead preferring that only the official mantra of the vaccines being "safe and effective" be allowed to be published and promoted.

Well, these truckers are boldly standing up to make their voices heard, and I and many others want to show our full support for this. So here are some news clips to show what is going on. Lets start with the biased and deliberate misrepresentation of the truckers by the dictatorial Justin Trudeau, who sneeringly denigrates their motives in this speech clip. Personally, I think Trudeau is running scared, as he has now "conveniently" claimed he has been exposed to Covid and therefore must isolate for five days, thereby avoiding having to meet with the protesters. (Update: he's now been taken to a "secure" location, out of some unfounded fear that his safety is at risk from this rally):

Next, lets look at the false claims by Canada's national broadcaster, the CBC, who are trying to make out that there are sinister undertones to this event, suggesting there are extremists in attendance who mean to cause trouble, despite there being no real evidence to support such skewed speculation. See what they're saying in their opening segment from this full broadcast. Please also take note of how CBC does not allow comments on any of their YouTube uploads:


Here's an article featuring more denigrating speculation from the CBC. They really want to cloud this event with their doom and gloom propaganda in order to discredit its participants. Also, here's a screenshot from their Facebook page that links to the above article. Please note how they also do not allow comments on any of their FB posts:

Only a few online news sources can be trusted here in Canada, including True North News and Rebel News. Here is Ezra Levant, head of Rebel News being warmly welcomed by the crowd of a few thousand gathered so far at the event in front of Ottawa's Parliament Hill. This is the reality of the peaceful protest with happy freedom loving attendees that CBC, CTV and other mainstream sources would rather you not see:

And finally, please watch this clip of Global News being chastised by this boldly honest lady named Gina, who was among the throngs of Canadian patriots gathered along the highway route to cheer on the convoy of truckers. She's clearly savvy to the way the mainstream media will try to falsely spin this story, based on their long history of doing so:

I hope that those who truly seek the truth will take a look at what's actually going on at this event, and not blindly go along with what CBC and the rest of the liberal propagandist media would have you all believe.

*ADDENDUM* - All day today, CBC and CTV have been claiming that protesters were "dancing on the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier" or otherwise "desecrating" it. That's a real stretch of what happened, verging on being an outright slanderous lie. Here's an article from CTV News where they're making that claim, yet check out the video within the article that shows what actually transpired. The young woman has stepped onto the monument (where countless tourists have likely also posed for photo-ops over the decades), where she simply stands, raises her arms and yells "FREEDOM!" before stepping back down. No "dancing" and no "desecrating" whatsoever.

Frankly, in no way does this equate to mocking or being disrespectful of the monument. Quite the opposite in fact, as I believe this young woman fully understood that the significance of this monument is that these brave men had fought for the very same freedoms from tyranny that she herself was helping to fight for today in her own small way. I say more power to her, and shame on the lying mainstream media out to falsely vilify and misrepresent her.

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Pam Murray said...

Thanks for the perspective from someone actually seeing this, you know we are not hearing any of this in America!