Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gordon Brown For PM!!

Yeah, I know that the Brits have already been to the polls to vote, but it turns out there's still no clear winner. Conservative David Cameron may have had the most votes, but not enough to make a clean sweep of it, so sitting PM Gordon Brown still has a chance at keeping his job. Well I say good on Gordo! If it was up to me, I think the Brits should keep him in power. Despite this dour Scot looking like the human equivalent of Eeyore the donkey, I think Gordon Brown is an intelligent and articulate guy who has well proven himself. But more importantly, Gordon Brown has a face that is a gift to all caricaturists!!

I mean, just look at this line-up of the three candidates. David Cameron and his Liberal Democrat opponent, Nick Clegg, are both a couple of blandly handsome young fellows who are virtually indistinguishable from each other! What self-respecting cartoonist would want to draw either one of their generic mugs?

Gordon Brown stands out like a sore thumb next to these two "Ken dolls". And a sore thumb of a face is far more interesting, in my opinion. Look - the bags under his eyes even have bags of their own! (Damn, how'd I miss that in my caricature?)

I mean, really?! Cameron, Clegg? Clegg, Cameron? Your guess is as good as mine!!


Bãpp said...

outsanding job Pete,
jan :)

Andy Latham said...

Haha I'm impressed that you know who Nick Clegg is Pete, as most of us in the UK only knew him after the TV debates a week or so ago!

As much as I like your caricatures, I'd gladly want you to have one less source of inspiration if it meant we could get rid of Gordon Brown. I know people complain about whichever politician is in office, but never before have I known of someone so bad for the job. He's our George W Bush.....but at least Bush gave us a laugh in his screw ups!

Tony DiStefano said...

Love the coat!

Unknown said...

Great work. I heartily agree: faces of power should have a good glower.

Bill Field said...

So Pete, is Terry Jones from Monty Python REALLY Gordon Brown? The likeness is uncanny!

Mick said...

true enough. maggie thatcher was great for hanging a pencil on... in the end the depictions of her became abstract in the extreme yet it was still her. A drawing of her 'whole self'