Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Birthday, MeduSirena Marina!

Yes, there's life in the old blog yet! My apologies for not having posted much in the last year, but maybe it's time I rectified that situation. (I gotta' spend LESS time on Facebook, dammit!)

Anyway, I want to give a long overdue boost to The Cartoon Cave with a big Happy Birthday to my favourite artistic muse, MeduSirena Marina, The Fire-Eating Mermaid! Yes, I've posted about Marina here before, as I've known her through Facebook for a number of years now, and had the great pleasure of finally meeting this lovely, funny woman in June of 2013, when I took my first trip down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

MeduSirena Marina, the Catch of the Day!

Presenting my caricature to Kika, as MeduSirena, Nai'a, and Kami look on.

Marina is the head mermaid performing at The Wreck Bar in the (recently renamed) B Ocean Hotel, along with her talented "pod" of Aquaticats! Every Friday and Saturday evening these lovely mermaids entertain the hotel guests with an aquatic performance viewed through the bar's portholes. I've seen them in action a couple times now, and they really are a bunch of charmers. I've also been lucky enough to join them back on solid turf after their show, congregating at the nearby Mai-Kai Restaurant for rum drinks in a tropical Tiki atmosphere.

My night at the Mai-Kai with MeduSirena and Aquaticats, Ama, Hina and Kami.

More recently, Marina has developed her own horror hostess character, The MeduSeaHag, a sultry aquatic temptress who will lure you to your soggy doom! This is a brand new caricature of her in this role that I have completed in time for her birthday. Consider it also to be an early Halloween treat for my blog readers! 
Happy Birthday, MeduSirena Marina! I luv ya' lots! 

Beware The MeduSeaHag!!

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