Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Divine B.B.

Here is my new rendition of Brigitte Bardot as my entry for this week's Caricaturama Showdown. I'd caricatured her once before several years ago, but I think I like this new version better than the first one. I sketched this Brigitte while watching her in the 1962 French film, Love on a Pillow.

I like Bardot the film star, but I like her even better as one of the icons of early 1960's French pop music. I've got several of her CD song compilations from that era and there's such a fun, cute sound to her songs. Here's a performance of Invitango from a TV special she did in 1963:


Martin Juneau said...

Great caricature of her Pete. She's a real sex-symbol before her time. Shame that today she's became less pretty since her obsessive animals defense.

Omar Momani said...

truly amazing
you got her attitude

Brandon Lyon said...

I love 60s French pop. Not sure if you like Godard's films, but ever see her in Contempt (Le Mépris)?


Pete, let's sit down and watch "Letter to Brigitte" sometime, OK?