Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fan Expo 2010 (pt. 1)

On Saturday, August 28th I went to Toronto's Fan Expo at the Toronto Convention Centre down on Front St. Here's the first selection of pics I took that day at the event. I'll post up all of the costumed fans in a second installment.

"Welcome to Fan Expo 2010, foolish mortals".

Some neat Batman sculpts.

More DC Comics figurines.

Holy Dynamic Duo! It's Adam West and Burt Ward from TV's Batman!

Here's the (now autographed) caricature I drew of Julie Newmar, who played Catwoman on Batman and "Stupefyin' Jones" from the movie version of Li'l Abner, among other roles.

Here I am with the still stupefyin' Julie Newmar herself!

Here's legendary actor, Ernest Borgnine, who was the main reason for me wanting to attend Fan Expo this year. Ernie was just wonderful, greeting all of his fans with a big friendly handshake and happy to chat with them.

Ernie was thrilled with the caricature I gave him, and autographed the second copy for me. Though a lot of years have passed since he starred in McHale's Navy, he still has that great big gap-toothed smile and a real twinkle in his eyes. Just a really sweet guy!

This is my pal, Ken Steacy, comic artist extraordinaire.

Here's the always fun Lar DeSouza, a great cartoonist and a fellow member of the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA).

Coincidentally, only a week before Fan Expo I had stumbled upon the website of Jason Edmiston. This guy is just a brilliant talent, shown here with one of his original acrylic paintings.

Here are Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera, Sheridan grads and founders of the very successful Schoolism online art courses. They also were responsible for many of the character design concepts for Tim Burton's recent Alice in Wonderland.
Sheridan grads, Jen Tisdale and Braden Poirier sell their wares.

Sheridan grads, Damian Czerniakiewicz and Christina Deljanov, with some of Chris's great art prints on display.

Sheridan grad, Perry Osuna. He was in the year before I started teaching, so I didn't have the pleasure of having him in my class. Very talented cartoonist!

Sheridan grads, Ogi Grujic and Brian Paquette ham it up for the camera.

Recent grads, Ben Thomas and Wayne-Michael Lee ponder what life will now be like after Sheridan College. If animation doesn't work out, they could always become masked crime fighters like Batman.

I'll continue in the next post with all of the fun costumed fans!....


Steven M. said...

Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Pete, you're so lucky. Canada seems to have it all, while I'm stuck in the boring ol' South, where hardly anything fun like this goes on. Sigh.

Mark Mayerson said...

Prepare for a spike on your traffic. You've been boing-boinged.

Aaron said...

Good to see some old sheridan faces!

Kristi O. said...

Is that spherical, red-eyed thing maybe the Moon from Majora's Mask? It seems a little off in colour but that's the only possibility I can come up with (And I like how he matched his shoes to his face, how dapper!)

Unknown said...

Hey! My DC group is in your post. Awesome.
Thanks :)

Felipe Siem said...

really looks like it was lots of fun, I haven't been to the fan expo in years.

Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

Hey Pete it was great running into you at the Fan Expo. I enjoyed our conversation like always. I spoke to Dan he said hello and he'd contact you, are you on facebook. Well thanks some much for the kind word you wrote, I hope we run into each other again soon. Take care

Perry L J Osuna