Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remembering Ted Kennedy

I was very sorry to hear today that Ted Kennedy passed away. Although we all knew it was just a matter of time since he'd been diagnosed with the brain tumor, it's still tragic to see such a legendary political figure and statesman leave us. I was watching the coverage on CBC Newsworld earlier today and it was good to see that so many here in Canada admired him as much as his fellow Americans did. Former NDP Party leader, Ed Broadbent shared his tales of consulting with Ted years ago on possible ways that the U.S health care could be reformed, borrowing some aspects (not all) from our Canadian system. It's really too bad that President Obama will not be able to benefit from having such a champion of universal medical care as was Ted Kennedy. And of course, with his passing, so ends the era of those three legendary brothers from Massachusetts, and the closest thing to American royalty with that period we romantically dubbed "Camelot".

I'll add this caricature sketch I did recently of another prominent American figure, former President Lyndon B. Johnson, as tomorrow, Aug. 27th will mark his 101st birthday.


mike fontanelli said...

No one deserves brain cancer - no one. That said, Ted Kennedy was - and in my book will always be - a privileged manslaughter felon. His memorial, delivered yesterday by former Klansman Robert Byrd, was a calculated, politically opportunist farce.

Feel free to disagree, of course. It's a free country.

(Or is it? Pete, in case you didn't know - you're being attacked personally on Cartoon Brew for daring to express a professional opinion on your own blog.)

Carlo Lo Raso said...

Hey Pete.

I have to agree with Mike on this one. Personally, I found many of the policies Teddy championed to be damaging to the fabric of this country that I've come to call home. And while you could say he was a "colorful" character, ultimately he was a pretty lecherous scumbag when everything was said and done.

Just my two cents.


Pete Emslie said...

Mike - I'm not going to defend Ted Kennedy over Chappaquiddick. It was terrible the way he handled it publicly, but I suspect that he was tormented with his own guilt until his dying day.

You're always free to disagree with me, Mike. Despite my overall admiration for Kennedy and his policies, I promise I will never describe how Ted exists over time, and you come to read him in time after peeling back the layers. I mean, that would just be silly.

He did have a "cubist" backside though...

Carlo - We're never going to agree on much to do with politics, I'm afraid. Remember, I'm still slightly left of centre. But don't worry, as it is only slightly, not so ultra-lefty that I'm starting to see artistic merit in plasticized cow patties, piles of bricks or anything like that. Cheers, bud!

Carlo Lo Raso said...

Left, right,or somewhere in the middle you've always been a true gent Peter. Never afraid to speak your mind or to listen to different opinions. Regardless of what we may disagree on you'll always be my good friend.
But do watch out for those plasticized cow patties, when you step in them they're really hard to get off! ;)

Jett said...

"If they keep talking about "Camelot" then we get to bring up the Lady in the Lake."

Terrific drawing though as always Pete!

(By the by...I don't like the poster either.)

david said...

Hey Pete, I just wanted to say that i approve of your right to say whatever you want on your blog and that Amid at Cartoonbrew was not only a hypocrite but definitely in the wrong for personally attacking you and then advertising it at his site.

personally i think it was another one of Amid's cheapshots to stir up controversy and increase more hits to their site, but at your expense. Either way, not cool, and I respect you as a working artist and teacher more than i will ever respect Amid and his subjective dogmatic reviews of animation most of which i only agree with half the time.

keep doing what you're doing.

Michael Sporn said...

That's a very nice drawing of Ted Kennedy, a giant in my mind. He did so much for the underpriveleged, unlike the majority of the current Senate.

You always seem to be able to get to the heart with your caricatures; I have to admire that talent.

Jett - very funny joke: "Camelot" . . . "Lady in the Lake."

CartoonSteve said...

While riding the DC Metro, I met a lady who said she was a long time staffer. She went on and on about the Senator and that she also was also a Catholic.

I decided to throw a wrench in the conversation, so I said: "Thats great! - then you must be pro-life right?" I never saw a :) turn to a :( so quickly.

ps: that poster was pretty putrid

Anonymous said...

Pete, I thought you allowed "constructive criticism" on your site..

What's with deleting my 'paint by numbers' critique? Not along the lines of.." something i'd hang on my fridge door"??

I'm just sayin'..

Pete Emslie said...

Ariel, I deleted it because I'd already let you have your say in the other thread and it was clear that you were now just trying to make trouble on here. I'll let this new comment stand, but this does not mean you have license to hang around here indefinitely trying to start a flame war. I reserve the right to delete further comments from you.

Fabian Gordillo said...

wawwww!!!! it´s beatefull drawing.

From Argentina, Fabián.

PD: please, my english is bad

Abz said...

These are awesome... which program do you use for inking? and what are some tips? :)

Thanks bro

Pete Emslie said...

I use a real brush and ink on illustration board. Always have, always will.

Eric Noble said...

Great work. I like your Johnson drawing a lot. In my opinion, I find him to be a better president than Kennedy. He did much more to help out the por and disenfranchised of America than kennedy ever did. It's just too bad he had to get caught up in Vietnam. Unfortunately, that would have been a problem for any president since no politician wanted to appear soft on communism. T'is a shame.

Good post. Sorry for the tangent.

CartoonSteve said...

That is a great likeness of Johnson. Heres an interesting book with the inside scoop from the Secret Service: link In an interview, the author said Johnson would routinely hold meetings while on the toilet. Also that Carter was extremely rude and rarely smiled - only for the cameras. Clinton and Gore were usually an hour late so they inspired the term "Clinton Standard Time".