Monday, December 15, 2008

"Walt's People" Volume 7

Here's a shameless plug for a book series I've been connected with since the beginning, having illustrated all of the covers with my Disney caricatures. Didier Ghez, who runs the very informative blog, Disney History, now has the latest volume of "Walt's People" available for purchase. With Christmas coming up fast, you folks may want to buy a whole bunch of these wonderful compilations of historical Disney interviews for the Disney enthusiast in your family. Head on over to Amazon to purchase as many as you can possibly afford!!

Below are the caricatures that adorn the cover of Walt's People Volume 7: Clarence "Ducky" Nash, the voice of Donald Duck; X. Atencio, the Imagineer; and Jim Macdonald, the head of the Sound Effects dept.


Robert Pope said...

Wasn't Jim Macdonald also Mickey voice #2 starting with "Make Mine Music" (the exception being Walt hisself voicing Mickey for the Mickey Mouse Club "daily" opens)

Great art, dig it the mostest

David Germain said...

Cool Clearance Nash caricature. I'm not familiar with how the other two men look so I'm guessing you captured them. They're great drawings nonetheless.

Incidently, about your debate about Disney with John K., he's gone through it before. All Mike managed to do is wear him down. I suspect that's all you'll accomplish as well. Oh well. Keep scrappin'!

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Hello Pete, I wanted to bring this up on your blog because I didn't want to cloud that post any further. I don't mind if you don't publish this.

"Yeah, I'm looking at you, PC, and if you were to put as much effort into working to improve your own drawing skills as you do parroting John's words, maybe you might actually get good someday."

1. I draw ALOT actually and like I told Trevour the other day, I don't put at my blog. Why don't I ? Because I lack the confidence to do so and I feel that I am not ready yet.

2. If I am "parroting John" I am only doing so because I have observed what he is talking about myself. I said I read the Illusion of Life book and I did. I have also watched Disney films and documentaries. I don't know how else to prove this to you but that's the best I can do.

A.C said...

Holy crap, what an awesome book idea. I love it. Must have!

Pete Emslie said...

Hi PC,

Sorry to come down hard on you, but it irks me when I read such sweeping generalities about Disney animation as "Look at all the drawings that were taken from the cartoons, there is no acting in a single drawing", as well as your claim that Disney has never known how to show "humanity" in their characters. You're welcome to your opinions of course, but they should be more well-reasoned and precise in their criticism, and backed up with specific examples. As it is, I feel that you're overplaying your hand just to hopefully curry favour with John K. Ironically, I don't imagine he's buying it either.

Not every Disney film or individual sequence is a masterpiece I'll grant you, but there is so much exceptional work from both an artistic standpoint as well as that of characterization and engaging an audience's emotions, that it seems ludicrous to dismiss it all completely merely because you happen to prefer the Warners cartoons.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

"As it is, I feel that you're overplaying your hand just to hopefully curry favour with John K. Ironically, I don't imagine he's buying it either."

I am not and at this point I don't care what he thinks. I am very tired Pete. Tired of everyone and everything.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Dave: I thought that was a great exchange. I think John was right about acting but I belive Mike was right about criticisms towards John's own work. Also Mike was right about the poo, it was there to be seen. Also as for Bill Tytla, who was of the subjects of that debate, I think his work was kind of "stagey" but I see some very specific acting his scenes. Yes, you notice it more in the Mighty Mouse cartoons but you have to give his Disney work credit as well. Sorry to drive this OT Pete so let me conclude by saying I love these charicatures.