Monday, June 2, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen....CINEMA RETRO!

The caricature of Harvey Korman and Dick Martin that I'd posted the other day was very kindly acknowledged by the good folks at the Cinema Retro website. Cinema Retro is a site that I check out regularly, as they specialize in covering the films (and some TV shows) of the 60's and 70's - an era that I just love. Hopefully some of you have clicked on the link that I've had on my sidebar for some time, in order to take a look at their site yourselves. In addition to the website, Cinema Retro also publishes a very high quality magazine that I've just recently started subscribing to after having bought a couple issues on the newsstand.

It's glossy pages are chock full of articles covering the likes of Frank Sinatra as "Tony Rome", James Coburn as "Our Man Flint", Hammer horror films, interviews with luscious lovelies like Luciana Paluzzi and Elke Sommer, and of course, ongoing articles on.......Bond........James Bond. Furthermore, it is almost entirely devoid of ads, save for a few at the back that are all related to the magazine's subject matter. It's definitely a 60's film fan's dream publication come true! Since they were nice enough to link to my recent caricature, I would like to dedicate the following caricature of Sean Connery to those good folks. (Sorry it's a post James Bond depiction of Mr. Connery - I think I'll have to do another one of him sometime as 007!) Again, my thanks!


Dan said...

oh man look at those here using illustrators to do it and you can do it with just a feel so much like a betrayer now since im using computers...scary feelings, scary. I think im too old school in my generation!

Pete, AWESOME drawings!!! as always!!!!!

We met John K the other day in the LA studio, it was really cool. I didnt ask many questions tho (yeah can u believe it??!!!), because I realized that sometimes it is meaningless to ask too many questions, all we need are online, on his blog, and most important, just pick up ur pencil and start drawing!

I read J.K's animation lessons, and decided I should start relearning drawings from the beginning, so ya, Im drawing eggs now...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!I hope I can get ready for the film by the time i get back to school.
btw...somehow John K reminds me about you....ya,, you guys look alike...I think it is the glasses and eyes, and Erika thinks it is the mouth, which I think is very true too. hahahaha!!! He told us u r a great artist!! (well we already knew!!!)

Andrew Murray said...

Hey Pete,

Yeah a younger 007 sean Connery would be awesome to see. Is Connery the definitive Bond for you, or do you prefer any of the others(Moore, Brosnon, Craig, etc)?

Pete Emslie said...

Hey, it's little Dan! So you met John K and he reminds you of me? We're both from Ottawa, so maybe we're long lost twins. Mother always did like Johnny best! *sucks thumb*

Andrew - Yeah, I still think Connery was the best Bond. I mostly grew up with Roger Moore in the role, though, so I'm also partial to his portrayal. Mind you, it was more like a continuation of his Simon Templar character from TV's "The Saint". Brosnan was good, but I hated Timothy Dalton as Bond - he makes a better villain in films. I still haven't seen Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale" yet. (Shame on me!)

Unknown said...

amazing, you nailed him. Great piece!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey Pete I love this caricature! He has such a great expression! I love that you capture the characters almost in mid-sentence sometime, like a snapshot from the film. So much more engaging and appealing than caricaturing an 8x10 of the actor posing.

Thanks also for mentioning that Cinema Retro site - it's great! I will check it out regularly as well as I immensely enjoy studying any and all older-ish films.

Thanks Pete, keep up the awesomeness!

Joe Corrao 4 Eyed Animation said...

Awesome...a great style!

Brian Sibley said...

I love your caricatures, so say this is the BEST YET suggests that the others haven't been brilliant... :-) So, let me put it this way: this one's SUPER-BRILLIANT!