Monday, August 13, 2007

Hook, Lyin' and Stinker (or: By Hook and 'Bye Crook!)

I don't often do political caricatures, but today's good news seemed to warrant some sort of celebration in inkline. I make no secret of my abhorrence of the Bush administration. This unsavoury cast of characters has done an incredible amount of damage to America's world image and reputation during their, so far, nearly 7 year "Reign of Error". I was happy when Rummy got eased out and I'm overjoyed now that Karl Rove is stepping down from his role as puppetmaster. Hopefully, the whole corrupt Whitehouse of cards will soon come tumbling down ignominiously. In the meantime, so long "Bush's Brain"!

By the way, this pair of rascals was wonderfully parodied in thinly-veiled form in the John Sayles' 2004 film, "Silver City", starring Chris Cooper as the idiot politician and Richard Dreyfuss as his conniving campaign manager. Check it out here.


Mark Mayerson said...

Good caricature; bad men.

Carlo Lo Raso said...

Hey Pete.
Politically my views on the The Pres. and Rove are completely different but artistically this is a superb cartoon as usual!
"Vive la difference"!
All the best........Carlo.